Early music in a magnificent manor environment

The concert is sold out.

Stunningly beautiful Vanhakylä Manor is located in the middle of Kaltsila village beautiful cultural landscape. The manor was founded in 1751 by the Crown Knight Henrik Packalén. The manor's large park is home to about 50 different apple, cherry, pear and other fruit trees, and is also home to an aan abundance of hardwoods such as oak, linden, stately elm, ash, pine and aspen.

Gardens were as symbolic to the mediaeval and renaissance heart and mind as their beauty and fragrance was to the senses. All flowers and fruits had symbolic connotations and a language of their own. Music often further embellished these locations, adding to the delights of the senses as well as appealing to the mind and heart. This salon concert takes up that theme as the sun, which nurtures all good, smiles and shines on Doron Schleifer, Corina Marti and Micha? Gondko (familiar from Ensemble La Morra) as they conjure up mediaeval magic in the manor house´s bright hall.

Doron Schleifer - canto
Corina Marti - recorder & clavisimbalum
Michal Gondko - lute

The concert is sold out.

The concert will take place in the manor hall. A limited number of tickets are available for the concert. The concert ticket price includes a tour of the Vanhakylä Manor Park, as well as coffee, tea or juice, and a sweet roll or cinnamon roll, served on the lower terrace of the main building after the concert.