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Man of Bruges

The Marian Consort (UK)

Sunday 17th July 2022 19.00
St Mary´s Church


Jacobus Clemens non Papa (c.1515-1555)

Although one of the most widely published and prolific composers of the sixteenth century, little is known about the life of Jacobus Clemens non Papa and the first records of his activity come from the church of St Donation in Bruges, for which he wrote the exquisite Missa Gaude Lux Donatione along with several of his many motets. St Donation had a distinguished pedigree as an important musical centre, with the renowned Dutch composer Jacob Obrecht (himself the author of a Missa de Sancto Donatiano) holding a position there in the late fifteenth century. This lineage stretches back even further to the mid fifteenth-century English musician Walter Frye, whose Ave regina caelorum was performed at the church´s evening Marian Salve´ services and also formed the basis for several compositions by Obrecht.

One of the enduring mysteries surrounding Clemens is his unusual epithet, and theories abound as to its origins. First used by the music publisher Tilman Susato in a chanson collection of 1545 and later appearing more emphatically as "nono Papa" and "haud Papa" ("absolutely not the Pope"), it may well be a serious attempt to distinguish Clemens from the contemporary poet Jacobus Papa of Ypres or a statement of religious dissent, although it seems most likely to be related to his notably un-priestly personal conduct!

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