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Sastamala Gregoriana will be organized 15th - 18th July 2021 with new festival program.

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I left my heart in Bruges

Ensemble Gamut! (FIN)

Monday 18th July 2022 19.00
St Mary´s Church


I left my heart in Bruges

The small, secret alleys of Brugge, full of quiet whispers. Love, attraction, bitterness, jealousy, passionate despair, farewell. Composers who lived in Brugge, worked there, or just passed by. Ensemble Gamut! explores the different faces of love and friendship in a secular program of late mediaeval and renaissance music and will present songs from the precious Gruuthuuse Manuscript for the first time in Finland.

Ensemble Gamut!
Aino Peltomaa - voice, harp, percussion
Juho Myllylä - blockflutes, electronics
Ilkka Heinonen - G-violone, the Finnish lyre, "jouhikko"
Anna-Maaria Oramo - voice, clavisimbalum

36 € / 32 €