This site is about 2022 festival Enchanting Bruges.

Sastamala Gregoriana will be organized 15th - 18th July 2021 with new festival program.

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A Noble Life

Sastamala Gregoriana Consort

Friday 15th July 2022 19.00
Laukko Manor


Music from the Era of Gabriel Kurck (1630-1712)

Gabriel Kurck (or Gabriel Kurki as he is known in Finnish) (1630-1712) belonged to the great Finnish noble family of Kurki. The nearly four centuries-long journey between the Kurki Family and Laukko Manor houses great victories as well as personal tragedies.
Gabriel Kurki's Laukko Manor and estate lived a European baroque life with chefs, butlers and abundance. Kurki was a profoundly religious man, and his desire to live the life of a respected nobleman and melancholic mindset finds a connection with music composed at that time as well.
The concert will feature music composed and performed for courts and nobles from 1660-1680 from Holland, France, England and Sweden.

60 €

The concert will be hold at Laukko Manor's main building.
The ticket price includes the a glass of sparkling wine pre-concert and a pastry with coffee / tea after-concert on the Manor's terrace.
Only a limited number of tickets are available for the concert.